Our Process

Conscious, harm-free lifestyle is at the core of our brand, which comes from our personal values and beliefs. We strive to continuously evolve our manufacturing process by finding new mindful ways and solutions. This also means that we will always have a NOOS (“never-out-of-stock”) line of staple products in addition to seasonal collections launching twice per year. We believe that both style and quality should be able to serve a long life.

We foster a close and trusted relationship with the manufacturer that shares our values. Our modest production scale allows us to carefully overlook each step of the process. 

Our Materials

Starting from 2018, we have fully committed to being vegan. We truly believe that fashionable products can be humane and cruelty-free.

Mae & Ivy are made from quality vegan materials sourced from the expert suppliers in China. The texture of vegan alternatives has the coveted look and feel of the real leather, without having to use animal-derived materials. Moreover, we opt for PU (polyurethane) over PVC (polyvinylchloride) as it is known to be less harmful for the environment.

Furthermore, we make sure that our bags are also sustainable both in terms of design and durability − something that can be loved and enjoyed for a long time.