How we work

Creating our collections: We find inspiration all around us. Our bustling city, filled with fashion forward thinking people who are always setting trends. Nature, to which we escape when we need a break from all the noise. We like to keep it simple. Our designs, our materials and our brand are simple and sophisticated.
Mae&Ivy fosters a close and trusted relationship with the manufacturer that shares our values. We have been working together with our Chinese partner, carefully selected by Puiyuen (the founder of Mae&Ivy) herself, for nine years already. We regularly visit to discuss innovations, new materials and sustainable solutions. During our visits we discuss every detail of our designs, the manufacturing process and stay mindful of any changes to make our brand and process even more sustainable and fair. Our modest production scale allows us to carefully overlook each step of the process. 


Materials we use

Starting from 2018, we have fully committed to being vegan. The texture of vegan alternatives has the coveted look and feel of the real leather. We truly believe that fashionable products can be humane and cruelty-free. For our vegan bags we currently use the material PU. This material is the least polluting kind of plastic available on the market today.
Currently, we are also developing a special collection made from plastic waste. Most vegan bags, like ours, are made from plastic and hereby creates a different kind of harmful environmental impact. This is why we choose to work with PU. To minimize our impact on the plastic waste in the world we are designing a new collection made with plastic waste products.